Divorce for Men

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Men on Divorce: The Other Side of the Story
Penny Kaganoff and Susan Spano (Harcourt Brace 1997)
Winning Your Divorce: A Man's Survival Guide
Timothy J. Horgan (Plume, 1995)

Divorce for Women

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Beat Him At His Own Divorce!
Ted Knight (Thornsbury Baily & Brown, 1998)
Cutting Loose: Why Women Who End Their Marriages Do So Well
Ashton Applewhite (Harper Perennial 1997)
Formerly a Wife: A Survival Guide for Women Facing the Pain and Disruption of Divorce

Welby A. O'Brien (Christian Publications, 1996)

MoneySmart Divorce: What Women Need to Know About Money and Divorce
Esther M. Berger (Simon & Schuster, 1996)
Our Turn: Women Who Triumph in the Face of Divorce

Christopher L. Hayes, Ph.D., Deborah Anderson, Melinda Blau (Pocket Books, 1994)

The Survival Manual for Women in Divorce
Carol Ann Wilson (Inst for Certified Divorce Planners, 2000)
What Every Woman Should Know About Divorce and Custody: Judges, Lawyers, and Therapists Share Winning Strategies on How to Keep the Kids, the Cash and Your Sanity
Gayle Rosenwald Smith, Sally Abrahms (Perigee, 2007)

Financial Issues

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Child Support Survival Guide: How To Get Results Through Child Support Enforcement Agencies

Bonnoe M. White, Douglas Pipes, and L. Douglas Pipes (Career Press, 1997)

The Consequences of Divorce: Economic and Custodial Impact on Children and Adults

Craig A. Everett (Routledge 1992)

Divorce and Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce

Violet Woodhouse and Dale Fetherling (Nolo, 200)

The Dollars and Sense of Divorce

Judith Briles, Edwin C. Schilling III and Carol Ann Wilson (Dearborn, 1998)

Fair Share Divorce for Women

Kathleen A. Miller (Kathleen Miller & Associates, 2007)

A Guide to Divorce Mediation: How to Reach a Fair, Legal Settlement at a Fraction of the Cost

Gary J. Freidman and Jack Himmelstein (Workman Publishing, 1993)

The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy

Thomas J. Stanley, Ph. D., William D. Danko, Ph.D. (Pocket Books, 200)

9 Steps to Financial Freedom: Practical and Spirtual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying

Suze Orman (Three River Press, 2000)

Suddenly Single: Money Skills for Divorcees and Widows

Kerry Hannon (John Wiley & Sons, 1998)

Your Pension Rights at Divorce: What Women Need to Know

Anne E. Moss (Pension Rights Center, 1995)

The Road to Wealth: A Compreshensive Guide to Your Money and Everything You Need to Know in Good and Bad Times

Suze Orman (Riverhead Books, 2001)

Couples and Money: A Couples' Guide Updated for the New Millennium

Victoria Collins, Suzanne B. Brown (Gabriel Books, 1998)

Set for Life: A Financial Planning Guide for People Over 50

Bambi Holzer, Elain Floyd (John Wiley & Sons 2000)

General Books on Divorce

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Affordable Justice: How to Settle Any Dispute, Including Divorce, Out of Court

Elizabeth L. Allen and Donald D. Mohr (West Coast Press, 1998)

The American Bar Association Guide to Family Law: The Complete and Easy Guide to the Laws of Marriage, Parenthood, Separation, and Divorce

American Bar Association (Times Books, 1996)

Between Love & Hate, A Guide to Clivilized Divorce

Lois Gold, M.S.W. (Plume, 1996)

Crazy Time: Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life

Abigail Trafford (Bantam Books, 1992)

The New Creative Divorce: How to Create a Happier, More Rewarding Life During and after Your Divorce

Mel Krantzler and Patricia B. Krantzler (Adams Media Corp, 1999)

The Divorce Book

Matthew Mckay (New Harbinger, 1999)

The Divorce Handbook

James T. Friedman (Random House, 1999)

The Divorce Recovery Sourcebook

Dawn Bradley Berry, J.D. (Lowell House, 1999)

Divorce for Dummies

John Ventura and Mary Reed (Wiley Publishing, 2005)

Getting Divorced Without Ruining Your Life

Sam Marguilies (Touchstone, 2001)

The Good Divorce: Keeping Your Family Together When Your Marriage Comes Apart

Contance Ahrons (Harper Perennial, 2009)

Healthy Divorce

Craig Everett and Sandra Volgy Everett (Jossey-Bass, 1998)

Impasses of Divorce: The Dynamics and Resolution of Family Confilict

Janet R. Johnson and Linda Campbell, Judith Wallerstein (The Free Press, 1988)

Love Between Equals: How Peer Marriage Really Works

Pepper Schartz (Free Press, 1995)

Marital Separation

Robert S. Weiss (Basic Books, Inc 1977)

Practical Divorce Solutions

Ed Sherman and Charles Sherman (Nolo, 1994)

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

Judith S. Wallerstein, Julia M. Lewis, Sanda Blakeslee (Hyperion, 2001)

Spirtual Divorce: Divorce as a Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life

Debbie Ford, John V. McShane, Neale Donald Walsh (HarperOne 2006)


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A Guide to Divorce Mediation: How to Reach a Fair, Legal Settlement at the Fraction of the Cost

Gary J. Freidman and Jack Himmelstein (Workman Publishing, 1993)

Choosing a Divorce Mediator: A Guide to Help Divorcing Couples Find a Competent Mediator

Diane Neumann (Owlet, 1997)

The Divorce Mediation Handbook: Everything You Need to Know

Paula James (Jossey-Bass, 1997)

Getting to Yes, Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton (Penguin Books, 2011)

Getting Together: Building a Relationship as We Negotiate

Roger Fisher and Scott Brown (Penguin Books, 1989)

Mediating Divorce: A Client's Workbook

Marilyn McKnight, and Stephen K. Erickson (Jossey-Bass, 1998)

Mediation: A Comprehensive Guide to Resolving Conflicts Without Litigation

Jay Folberg and Allison Taylor (Jossey-Bass, 1984)