Child Support

A court-ordered payment by one parent for the expenses incurred in raising his or her child. Support is usually paid to the custodial parent and is for food, housing, education, clothing and other necessary expenses.

Under Oregon law, both parents have a legal duty to financially support their children. The amount of support owed by each parent is calculated by a specific set of rules known as the child support guidelines. This formula generally considers each parent’s monthly income and the amount of time they will be responsible for the child’s care—a factor measured by the number of times the child stays overnight with each parent. In unusual situations, the court will consider other factors in setting support, such as the special needs of the child or the limited resources of the parent.

Parents seeking to enforce orders for child support have a wide variety of options at their disposal. Parents can bring actions for contempt of court, petition the court for wage garnishment, and even enlist the help of state agencies. Because the range of enforcement methods includes taking such serious steps, parents should consult with an attorney before settling on a strategy.

Parents already subject to an order for child support can petition for a modification of their support order. This type of modification is generally allowed where there has been a sufficient and unanticipated change of circumstances that affects a parent’s ability to pay the original support amount. As usual, some exceptions may apply. For more information, see our section on modifications, or make an appointment to consult with an SK&H attorney.

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