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Laurel P. Hook has been with the firm since 1999. Her practice emphasis is helping those with complex business interests and she has successfully represented clients throughout the States of Oregon and Washington in matters relating to family law.


Every family law matter involves a unique set of circumstances. The results achieved for one client do not necessarily indicate that a similar result can be achieved for another client.

"Tate [Justesen] & Laurel [Hook]'s expertise have been outstanding in walking me through a very long, difficult, and emotional divorce process. They have given me excellent advice so I can remain level-headed, on-track and to remain child-focused. I have already recommended them to someone else and wouldn't recommend any other firm!

Thank you!" -KS



"Divorce is bad.
I was unprepared for the process. Laural and her team did an outstanding job of communicating with me. I knew they were ready, willing, and able to win any fight if it came to that. Knowing they were there allowed me to mediate and initially avoid a huge fight. When the fight was unavoidable they knew exactly what to do.
If you have to go through this process make sure you have a professional in your corner. I still don't know how I made it through. I do believe that without Laural and her team I wouldn't have made it."



"Laurel Hook (and the Stahancyk firm) proved to be one of the silver linings of my divorce. Laurel went above and beyond to explain the legal process, was an excellent advocate on my behalf and artfully walked me through every aspect of my divorce with excellent results. She is an outstanding attorney who demonstrated a real genuine concern for me and my children. Laurel and Jody Stahancyk ... didn't stop providing first class support with the signing of the judgement - they went on to assist me in finding a new home, car and employment! From my first telephone [call] to the firm I felt understanding, compassion and confidence that I'd found the attorney (attorneys) and staff with the legal knowledge, experience and ability to advocate on my behalf which would result in a positive outcome."



"Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I know you tried really hard to keep my costs down and I appreciate that. I think we did the best we could to get me the best settlement possible."
- M.C.



“Dear Jody and Laurel,
All the mean things that people say about attorneys 
are totally untrue as it relates to all of you. 
You know that you’re doing a good job when 
your client (me) can honestly say, “I miss you.” 
The two of you are like sisters to me. You have seen me 
through much more than my divorce process. You are much more than extraordinary attorneys, the two of you are extraordinary people."
- D.B.



“I am writing to say 'thanks' for participating in our Portland Interview Program last spring and to offer the services of the University of Oregon School of Law’s Career Services Office in the year ahead.”
- Merv Loya, Assistant Dean & Director, Career Services, University of Oregon



Dear Laurel,
I've pulled myself away from the computer and the RMLS website you turned me on to so that i could thank you once again for all your did during the past 16 months to help me survive "Divorce 101" for beginners. Thanks to your very capable, competent guidance and insight. I not only survived but actually had some fun and good laughs doing so.
Working with you and every other person there that had to deal with me was such a positive experience at each turn.
It's still hard to believe I'm divorce, but you have made it so that I know I'll be ok, and probably even better having gone through this. Thank you thank you.
"It is very difficult to go through a divorce after 28 years but when you do you will need the best by your side. Laurel Hook is focused and keeps you on task when the emotions are running at an all time high. Tate Justesen has been wonderful to work with along with the rest of the team. SKH is warm and welcoming from the minute you walk in the door. Their décor is unlike most law offices plus a kitchen that serves up amazing food if you are in need of lunch.
Now I am facing round two protecting the original judgement I received with Laurel and Tate right by my side."


"The legal services that Stahancyk, Kent & Hook provided me were absolutely top notch.
After having my child custody case drag on for over a year and a half with another Portland firm, I switched firms and hired Laurel Hook to take my case. From the get-go Laurel and her assistant Tate Justesen impressed me with their intensity and knowledge. Their communications with me were clear and concise, and I was kept up to date on the progress of the case.
The case that had seemed as though it was to go on forever was deftly brought to a close in a mere three months. Thanks to Laurel and Tate, my daughter and I have attained the peace of mind that could only come from closure of the case.
If I were ever to need legal council in the future, without question I would seek the services of Stahancyk, Kent & Hook."



"Selecting Laurel Hook and the firm of Stahancyk, Kent & Hook P.C. was one of the best decisions I have made. From the initial consultation, it was clear that Laurel Hook clearly understood my complex business and tax issues and possessed the experience and strategy necessary for my case.
I was not disappointed. Throughout the entire process, Laurel Hook and her associate, Tate Justesen, managed my case with a level of sophistication and professionalism which resulted in a timely and extremely favorable outcome for me. Going with a less experienced firm or attorney would have cost me a fortune.
I would refer anyone with family law issues to Laurel Hook, her team, and the firm of Stahancyk, Kent & Hook!"



"They say that you should always trust a referral. Laurel Hook epitomizes what they mean. I found Laurel and the Stahancyk team through two independant referral sources. She and her associate did an amazing job helping me navigate a frustrating custody modification. Their attention to detail was amazing and their strategy resulted in an outcome beyond my expectations. If you need help - this is the team to call!"-E.F.



“Words cannot begin to describe how grateful our whole family is to you. You listened, put up with, soothed, encouraged, calmed all of us plus presented such powerful arguments that in spite of rather serious odds against allowed our son the opportunity to continue parenting () with enough time to really be her daddy. The phrase “steel magnolia” came to mind when I was deciding how to say thank you to you. You have a beautiful face and are soft spoken, but inside the velvet is a quick, intelligent mind. We appreciate your hard work, your constant attention to detail, you hours and time which probably cost you time with your own little girl. I know we benefited from you whole team’s effort and for that we are eternally thankful. Thank you for everything.” –C.B.




"Thank you. You and your team helped me get to a place that I thought was so far away.  You told me me it was going to be ok and that you would take care of me.  It is and you did. I came out of this still an outstanding father, more perspective, stronger, etc.  I am debt free with a beautiful brand new house etc. I know there is somebody that will be interested in me again.  I believe I have a lot to offer somebody and with patience it will happen.  A lot of healing has taken place over the last year and its try been a long time since I've been this happy." - J.